A very powerful amulet crafted to protect and bring happiness to the person that wears it. It will relieve stress, bring good news into your life and make sure you are healthy. it will bring back peace, harmony and happynes in your life

Perfect for someone that is stresed, has anxiety or problems with insecurity.  Crafted using Royal Obsidian and enchanted for a period of 12 weeks.

Obsidian is also called "the tears of Apache". In the legend of Indian, within the tribe a team because the enemy ambush, The whole army was wiped out. The bad news came, every people wept tears. The tears of the Apache girls fell to the ground, turned into black stone. Who owns the Black Obsidian, will never cry again. because Apache girls for you have drained all the tears.

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Carved Rainbow Obsidian Pendant Necklace Lucky Feather Amulet

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