About Us

1. What is Magic4Soul?

Magic4Soul is more than a shop. Is a shop for your soul. Our products are now available for online sale and they will help you to find your soul peace.

Helping you with Magic stones found in different parts of the world, magic oils or waters created after decades of research from ancient secrets and places, our products they can change your life in a way that nothing else can do. Depending on their substances, energetic power or electromagnetic fields, we can help you in such various problems, like Love, Health, Money or influence Power, or just for a strong good luck.

2. Why us?

Because we really care about our customers and their life style.  We look forward to maintain you happy as you really deserve.

You might find our products little bit expensive, but all of them had been bought from far away distances, secret places hidden in the mounts or places that nobody else will travel there. 

3. Who is Roudor?

Roudor is our provider. He is a monk who spend more than 60 years of his live searching for power of magic, studying the power of stones, and sacred secrets. At the Age of 79 Years he is still travel in different parts of the world, bringing to us his knowledge and his magic researches. Is coming back to us every 5-6 months with new miraculous products wich bring more life to people who knows him.

We (with his approve) try to spread this products to everyone who need some Magic help.